Measuring your PD

Measuring your PD (pupillary distance)

For your new spectacles to be made accurately, we will need the distance in millimetres between the centre of your two eyes.

We want you to be happy with the spectacles you purchase from us and an incorrect P.D measurement, especially in higher prescriptions, could make them uncomfortable to wear


How to do it

Just ask a friend or colleague to hold a millimetre rule across the bridge of your nose just above the centre of your eyes. Fix your eyesight on a static object ideally about 40 centimetres away and measure the distance between your pupil centres.

Working in good light will also make measuring easier as the pupils will be less dilated. Both of you should be at approximately the same height.

A typical measurement will usually be somewhere between 55mm and 72mm. Take the measurement two or three times to get an average and to ensure accuracy.